Practical Work


 Mrs. Staveley felt strongly that people interested in self-development would benefit most from circumstances where practical work was demanded.  If the abnormal conditions of ordinary being existence spoken of so frequently in All and Everything were to be confronted, it would have to begin practically, with how we live our lives. What could be more practical and challenging than work on a farm, where people could use their bodies to learn skills that were second nature to our forbears? 

Our practical work together on the Farm takes many forms depending on ability, interest, and the needs of the community:  cooking, gardening, maintenance, construction, art projects, sewing, animal care, farming, harvesting, food preservation, bookbinding.  During all of this outward activity, it is our aim to remember our wish to awaken.  We ask ourselves, on a regular basis, “Where am I now?  What am I sensing, seeing, feeling?  What is my life for?  What is worth doing, striving for? How can I be of service?"